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Alice Tegnér in Public Domain...

...which means that a lot of her songs can be made available for downloading!

All songs that have Alice herself as lyrics writer, or some other writer that is also in Public Domain, will now be made available for downloading. I will "publish" these songs by and by during the next years; meanwhile, the pdf scores can be download directly from (or directly from the list below).

Regarding the rest of her songs, I can e-mail lyrics-free versions if requested.

The following songs can be downloaded:

Barnen leka "Mamma och barn" SSAAA, Medium  (now "published")
Barnen leka "Mamma och barn", piano reduction   (now "published")
Björnleken SATB, Rather easy  (now "published")
Björnleken, piano reduction  (now "published")
Blåsippor SSAA, Medium (now "published")
Blåsippor, piano reduction (now "published")
Borgmästar Munte SSAA, Rather easy/Medium
Borgmästar Munte, piano reduction
Bä, bä, vita lamm SATB, Rather easy/Medium (now "published")
Bä, bä, vita lamm, piano reduction (now "published")
Dansa, min docka SSAA, Easy/Rather easy (now "published")
Dansa, min docka, piano reduction (now "published")
Ekorrn satt i granen SSAA, Medium
Ekorrn satt i granen, piano reduction
Gläns över sjö och strand SSAATB, Medium/Rather hard (now "published")
Gläns över sjö och strand, piano reduction (now "published")
Kring julgranen SABB, Rather easy (now "published")
Kring julgranen, pianoreduction (now "published")
Lasse liten SSAA, Rather easy/Medium  (now "published")
Lasse liten, piano reduction  (now "published")
Lilla Lasse SSAA, Rather easy (now "published")
Lilla Lasse, piano reduction (now "published")
Lillgubben och hans flickor SSAA, Medium (now "published")
Lillgubben och hans flickor, pianoreduction (now "published")
Majas visa SAA, Rather easy (now "published")
Majas visa, pianoreduction (now "published")
Marschlek SSSAA, Medium/Rather hard  (now "published")
Marschlek, piano reduction  (now "published")
Min faders gård (Gåsa gåsa klinga) SAA, Rather easy/Medium
Min faders gård (Gåsa gåsa klinga), piano reduction
Mors lilla Olle SSAA, Medium (now "published")
Mors lilla Olle, pianoreduction (now "published")
Månaderna SSAA, Rather easy/Medium (now "published")
Månaderna, piano reduction (now "published")
Och här är dungen SATB, Medium (now "published")
Och här är dungen, pianoreduction (now "published")
Ro, ro barnet SSA, Easy/Rather easy  (now "published")
Ro, ro barnet, piano reduction  (now "published")
Sockerbagaren SSAA, Rather easy/Medium
Sockerbagaren, pianoreduction
Solvisa SSAA, Medium (now "published")
Solvisa, pianoreduction (now "published")
Tula hem och tula vall SAA, Rather easy
Tula hem och tula vall, piano reduction
Vaggvisa (Ute blåser sommarvind) SSAATTBB, Medium/Rather hard (now "published")
Vaggvisa (Ute blåser sommarvind), piano reduction (now "published")
Vart ska du gå? SAATBB, Rather easy  (now "published")
Vart ska du gå?, piano reduction  (now "published")
Videvisan (Sov, du lilla vide ung) SSAA, Rather easy/Medium (now "published")
Videvisan (Sov, du lilla vide ung), piano reduction (now "published")
Årstiderna SSAA, Medium/Rather hard (now "published")
Årstiderna, pianoreduction (now "published")