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New since latest update (2022-10-23):
Air on the G-string (SSAATB)
Clair de lune (SSAATBB)
Tomtarnas vaktparad (Schubert) (SATB)
Venga pur, minacci e frema (SSAA)
Wasserfluth (Winterreise) (TTBB)

Formerly non-public songs that are now in Public Domain (can be downloaded):
Jul, jul, strålande jul_pdf.pdf (SSAAB)

New non-public songs (cannot be downloaded):
In the Ghetto (AATB)

Most downloaded during January:
1. Translation: Opp, Amaryllis (59 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (TTBB))
2. Translation: Liksom en herdinna (56 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SATB))
3. Translation: Glimmande nymf (52 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (TTBB))
4. Ave Maria (Schubert) (46 loads, SA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
5. Translation: Natthimmelen (43 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SSAA))
6. Translation: Vi ska ställa till en roliger dans (43 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (TTB))
7. Translation: Vila vid denna källa (41 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SAATBB))
8. Translation: Kristallen den fina (41 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (TTBB))
9. Translation: Uti vår hage (40 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SSAA))
10. Translation: Bort allt vad oro gör (39 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SSAA))
11. Translation: Solen glimmar blank och trind (39 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SAATBB))
12. Translation: Den signade dag (39 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SATB))
13. Translation: Och jungfrun hon går i dansen (38 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SAATBB))
14. Translation: Hosianna (37 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SSAATTBB))
15. Translation: Midnatt råder (Tomtarnas julnatt) (37 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (TTTBB))
16. Translation: Ulla, min Ulla (36 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (TTBB))
17. Translation: Barkarol (Barcarolle) (36 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SSAA))
18. Translation: Tjuv och tjuv, det ska du heta (36 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SAATBB))
19. Translation: Nå, skruva fiolen (36 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (TTBB))
20. Translation: Höga berg och djupa dalar (41 loads)
(corresponding PDF score file: here (SATB))

Current arrangement projects (some of these are already available but yet unpublished):

- A boat beneath a sunny sky (conventional version) (SATB)
- Borgmästar Munte (SSAA)
- Che fiero costume (SSAA)
- Die kleine Spinnerin (SAA)
- Ensamhet (SSAA)
- Il mio bel foco (SATB)
- Inga liten kvarnpiga (SSABB)
- Jungfrun i hindhamn (SSATBB)
- Lascia ch'io pianga with recitativo (SSAA)
- Lindormen (SSAATB)
- Om barnsölet (TTBBTTBB)
- Rentrée(SSATBB)
- Sankta Lucia (SSAATTBB)
- Sockerbagaren (SSAA)
- Thaïs: Méditation (SSATB)
- Till korporal Mollberg (TTBB)
- Vid turkens audiens (TTBB)

- Dagarna i veckan (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Hink ist extraprima (SATB)
- Klockan tolv (SSAA)
- Mein Herr (SSAA)
- Timmarna (Årets saga) (SATB)

- Maybe: misc. ABBA:
The Name of the Game
Summer Night City
Under Attack

Long-term projects:
- Frösöblomster (mixed choir)
- Winterreise (men's choir)
- Frauenliebe und Leben (women's choir) Finished!

Personal presentation:
I was born in 1959. I live in Norrköping, Sweden. Music has been a hobby for most of my life; I seriously started making choral arrangements in spring 2000 (and have not been able to stop since then :-). For a longer presentation, see CPDL.

My musical background:

In the municipal music school, I studied piano, recorder, and violin (somewhat). I have kept playing the piano, and taught myself to play the guitar (mostly chord playing as accompanient to song, but also some "finger play").

When I was around 25 years old, I started to take singing lessons, and did that for approximately seven years (with frequent breaks for a year or a half each). About the same time, I started to sing in a women's choir for students. I have sung in women's and mixed choirs since then (also here with some breaks), both in church choirs and secular choirs.

I was earlier a graduate student in the cross-area between databases and music and am still interested in computer-represented music.

Concerning my knowledge in arranging choral music: I am mostly an auto-didact (my formal education is short: half a semester of basic music theory at the university). I try to transform the practical knowledge I get as a choral singer to arrangements that are (hopefully!) fun to sing.

Photo of me