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New since latest update (2016-08-05):
A boat beneath a sunny sky (weird version) (SATB)
Ack, vad för en usel koja (SSAAABB)
The Sun Was Shining on the Sea (SSAB)
Törnrosa (SSAAATB)
Var står fiolen (SSATTBB)

Most downloaded during October:
1. Grodans sång (without lyrics) (47 loads, SSAA)
2. All in the Golden Afternoon (29 loads, SATB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
3. Scarborough Fair (23 loads, TTBB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
4. The Water Is Wide (20 loads, SAA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
5. Deep River (20 loads, TTBB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
6. Lascia ch'io pianga (17 loads, SSAA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
7. Lasciatemi morire (15 loads, SSAA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
8. I fjol sså gick jag med herrarna i hagen (15 loads, SSAA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
9. A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky (weird version) (13 loads, SATB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
10. The Sun Was Shining on the Sea (12 loads, SSAB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
11. Morning Has Broken (11 loads, SATB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
12. Den lyssnande Maria (11 loads, SA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
13. Er, der Herrlichste von Allen (11 loads, SSAA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
14. Loch Lomond (11 loads, SATB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
15. Nu grönskar det i dalens famn (Bondekantat) (11 loads, SSSAA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
16. Song of Songs (10 loads, SATB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
17. Early one morning (9 loads, SSAA)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
18. Ack, vad för en usel koja (9 loads, SSAAABB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
19. There's Whiskey in the Jar (9 loads, TTBB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)
20. Amazing Grace (8 loads, SSAAABB)
(corresponding MIDI file: here)

Current arrangement projects (some of these are already available but yet unpublished):

- A boat beneath a sunny sky (conventional version) (SATB)
- Abendempfindung (SATB)
- Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte (SSAA)
- An meinem Herzen, an meiner Brust (SSAA)
- Awake, Saturnia! (SSAA)
- Borgmästar Munte (SSAA)
- Che fiero costume (SSAA)
- Der Lindenbaum (TTBB)
- Die Wetterfahne (TTBB)
- Ensamhet (SSAA)
- Erstarrung (TTBB)
- Febus förnyar (SAATBB)
- Gefrorne Tranen (TTBB)
- Hej dunkom (TTBB)
- Il mio bel foco (SATB)
- Inga liten kvarnpiga (SSABB)
- Jungfrun i hindhamn (SSATBB)
- Lascia ch'io pianga with recitativo (SSAA)
- Le Violette (TTBB)
- Lindormen (SSAATB)
- Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan (SSAA)
- Om barnsölet (TTBBTTBB)
- Sankta Lucia (SSAATTBB)
- Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge(SAAB)
- Sockerbagaren (SSAA)
- Solhälsning(SSAATB)
- Süsser Freund (SSAA)
- Till korporal Mollberg (TTBB)
- Tomtarnas vaktparad (Schubert) (SATB)
- Wasserfluth (TTBB)

- April (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Augusti (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Dagarna i veckan (Årets saga) (SATB)
- December (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Februari (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Hink ist extraprima (SATB)
- In the ghetto (AATB)
- Januari (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Juli (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Juni (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Klockan tolv (SSAA)
- Life on Mars? (SSSAAATTTBBB)
- Maj (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Mars (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Mein Herr (SSAA)
- November (Årets saga) (SATB)
- Oktober (Årets saga) (SATB)
- September (Årets saga) (SATB)
- September sjunger sin höstvisa (SSAA)
- That Don't Impress Me Much (SSAA)
- The Twelve Days of Christmas (SATB)
- This Is My Life (SATB)
- Timmarna (Årets saga) (SATB)

- Maybe: misc. ABBA:
The Name of the Game
Summer Night City
Under Attack

Long-term projects:
- Frösöblomster (mixed choir)
- Winterreise (men's choir)
- Frauenliebe und Leben (women's choir)

Personal presentation:
I was born in 1959. I live in Norrköping, Sweden. Music has been a hobby for most of my life; I seriously started making choral arrangements in spring 2000 (and have not been able to stop since then :-). For a longer presentation, see CPDL.

My musical background:

In the municipal music school, I studied piano, recorder, and violin (somewhat). I have kept playing the piano, and taught myself to play the guitar (mostly chord playing as accompanient to song, but also some "finger play").

When I was around 25 years old, I started to take singing lessons, and did that for approximately seven years (with frequent breaks for a year or a half each). About the same time, I started to sing in a women's choir for students. I have sung in women's and mixed choirs since then (also here with some breaks), both in church choirs and secular choirs.

I was earlier a graduate student in the cross-area between databases and music and am still interested in computer-represented music.

Concerning my knowledge in arranging choral music: I am mostly an auto-didact (my formal education is short: half a semester of basic music theory at the university). I try to transform the practical knowledge I get as a choral singer to arrangements that are (hopefully!) fun to sing.

Photo of me

Musical arrangements for choir

Here are my choral arrangements for (mostly) four voices, scores for these in PDF format, and simple MIDI renderings.
You can also reach them from The Choral Public Domain Library.
(If you need a PDF reader, you can download it from www.adobe.com.)

All arrangements (and translations) are the property of Eva Toller, by copyright. You are welcome to use them
(for non-profit purposes!) if you give comments (to eva.toller[@]swipnet.se) about them afterwards
(what you liked & disliked about them, and any errors you have detected - including unintended copyright infringements).

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